Enamel pin badges and stickers inspired by Red Dwarf

Welcome to Backwards Pins

These pins and stickers were created from my everlasting love and obsession with Red Dwarf.

I love pins and I really needed Red Dwarf pins in my collection. But my search for them never led anywhere. While talking to my sister, she made me realise it was completely possible for me to bring them into existence.

Starting this small business has been the most fun and the research involved has just resulted in getting to rewatch and obsess over the funniest smegging show in existence - again. ❤️

I hope these pins and stickers find new homes with my fellow Dwarfers.



"I’m going for it, Rimmer. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you don’t get many shots at happiness. So when you do, go for them all." - Dave Lister, Stasis Leak